Mobile App Industry Continues To Thrive In 2022

The mobile app industry is changing at a rapid pace. To survive and thrive in this digital Darwinian age, you need to be familiar with the current mobile app development trends.

Some experts predict that mobile apps equal digital media success. This is one of the top mobile app development trends for 2022.

Mobile apps are revolutionizing business models, operating models, and marketplaces at an astonishing rate today. Mobile app market revenue is forecasted to reach $808 billion by 2022.

10 Popular Artificial Intelligence Applications For Business Settings

These are several popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that have entered into our daily lives and made them easier than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as many technologies that enable ‘instinctive’ machines to provide human capacities and mimic human intelligence. These automated tools may be trained to function like a human brain and understand, analyze, act and evolve using futuristic capabilities like natural language processing, machine learning, data analytics, voice recognition, amongst others. When AI technologies are incorporated into a business setting, they may provide wide-ranging benefits.

AI Technology Is Playing A Major Role in Online Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a remarkable effect on the education of children around the world. Artificial Intelligence(AI) and education have played a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic. With strict social distancing measures and school closures in several states, there have been prompt, extensive, and potentially permanent changes to traditional learning and teaching modes.

School closures no matter what length of time may have a profound effect on learning. In addition to lessening instructional time, school closures can influence the educational performance of students. Economic productivity may also be negatively affected by school closures and caregivers and parents forced to balance work responsibilities with care for kids.…

20 Most Popular Open Source Tools for Developers

You may want to know which Open Source Tools developers use for creating the most current and modern feature-rich projects and to manage their workflow of the projects.

A computer program used by the software developers for creating, editing, supporting, maintaining, and debugging different applications, frameworks, and applications — is called a Software Programming Tool or a Software Development Tool.…

Using Open Source Code To Improve Robotics

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The future of humanity might well be a robotic one, full of intelligent open-source robots that could nourish the elderly, perform the precision operation, or work beside you at the office. As you could imagine, the process of engineering and designing these robots is not as straightforward nor as streamlined as it could be.

After all, many working in the field found themselves beginning from scratch when starting a new task, re-implementing the software infrastructure that robotics algorithms are created upon. The end result is that too much time is wasted on “re-inventing the wheel” instead of developing advanced robotics software.…

AI Has Entered Our Daily Lives More Than You Know!

With all the hype and excitement about artificial intelligence (AI) of what is “just around the corner” like self-driving cars, immediate machine translation, etc. For the average person, it can be tricky to understand how AI is impacting our lives from day to day. What might be some examples of artificial intelligence that you are already using right now?

You may be surprised to find out you have used AI on your way to work, communicating online with friends, searching on the web, and making online purchases.

Application Development and Software Trends

Change is the only constant in this world. There’s no industry from schooling to healthcare, which could resist changes. Every business welcomes inventions that bring about change in software trends for the I.T. departments.

Similar is the situation with software design & development trends also. In actuality, the software industry is just one of those sectors of modern times that witness a continuous change in its practices due to the developing software technologies.

Customized software developers are used to keeping themselves updated with the latest software trends and I.T. tendencies of the industry. Same is with the companies that get the software development services from software development firms.…

Microsoft is Bringing Its Patents To Open Invention Network (OIN)

Microsoft is a global software giant renowned for its operating system packages. For several years, it has been dominating the sector, but there are also other competitive players. For a long period, it seems Microsoft was against the idea of open source network to maintain its dominance in the market.

However, Microsoft seems to be shifting its position by joining the Open Invention Network (OIN). OIN is an open-source patent consisting of several companies that share similar business interests. Microsoft now has a complete patent portfolio for all the members of the open-source patent group by joining the OIN.

The OIN consisted of more than 2,650 members, and it also owned more than 1,300 global patents and applications before Microsoft joined. OIN is currently the most significant non-aggression patent community, and it represents an open-source set of intellectual property values.

The members of the OIN include IBM, Google, Red Hat, and SUSE. The member cross licenses and OIN patent license are available royalty-free to any person who joins the community.…

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Computers Understand Our Movements

Artificial intelligence (AI) can significantly help computers to understand human behavior as well as various object movements. Computers can learn how the objects change in different scenarios in just a few video frames. Continuous advancement in this machine learning technology can also assist computers to understand our movements as well as their surroundings.

Video frames help in designing a machine learning system that can recognize different activities. Human beings, for example, can understand what is happening by looking at some frames of the video. They can narrate the action on the screen, and they can also predict the activity likely to occur in the next scene.

However, computers still struggle with this concept of understanding what will happen next in a video. A new model that uses machine learning aims to improve the computer’s efficiency in recognizing different activities in a frame. The new robot system can also determine and try to understand the events taking place around it.…

Let Robotic Cleaners Do Your Chores

Best Robotic Cleaners

As far as many homeowners believe robots were only meant for difficult jobs that were almost impossible for humans to do. And some believe robots should do all of the horrible jobs that we don’t want to do.

However, the rise of AI systems in smart homes and robotic cleaners means we are getting much closer. We are ways from the robot butlers that will walk around the home and do everything.

There are now lots of specialized robots for specific tasks, creating quite the army of helpers. Here is a series of clever little devices that you can employ to carry out five of the worst household chores.…

Meet Open Source Robotics Foundation

Application Development

Open-source resources are a valuable tool for many designers and developers that are struggling to succeed with their ideas. It is too easy to hit a brick wall of a lack of funds or ideas. Organizations like Open Source Robotics Foundation provide a valuable lifeline for developers big and small. Their numerous projects and resources can change the course of important projects in application development.

Who Are Open Source Robotics Foundation And Why Were They Founded?

Open Source Robotics Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of enthusiastic robotics experts and coders. Although the headquarters of this independent agency is in San Francisco, it classes itself as a global network. This is a small-scale enterprise either. The Foundation has links with everyone from first-time developers to Toyota’s research and development branch.

The goals of this organization are simple: to facilitate the continuous distribution of open-source software for the development of robotics projects. They focus on this open-source approach because of the potential for product development and education.…

Using Robots In Your Home

Home Robots

Robotics is all about finding ways to use technology to improve the lives of others or discover new things. For many of us, this means developing new technology to make our lives much easier, especially within the home. Home robots may be part of our future.

We all want to save time and energy on tasks, or simply delegate them to an automated, intelligent machine. As technology develops, home robots are becoming more sophisticated in their abilities and more diverse.

Cleaning tools can function on their own. Yard work becomes much less of a chore. Security issues are easily resolved with greater peace of mind. The whole home is now monitored and controlled with ease. In the end, we will be able to use these robots to the whole day.…

Learn To Program Using These Resources

Programming & Education Resources

Coding and programming are a large part of the modern world, with the growth of digital tech and app development. At one time, there were a select few that understood the complex tools involved. Now, online courses provide a new educational tool for anyone. There are many organizations and academic institutions offering their learning tools.

 Some aim to help people progress in difficult areas of the science. Others are more basic and accessible as an entry point. As a result, newcomers and children can now get a head start on an education in coding through free, accessible means. The following courses and program providers are some of the best options currently available. They highlight the range of aims, courses, and approaches.…

Best Devices To Automate Your Daily Life

Best Artificial Intelligence Devices

Many homeowners have come around to the idea of automated devices in the home. Where artificial intelligence was once a scary, fantasy notion, modern tech has shown it to be helpful and engaging. There are many of ways that we can use AI and clever robotic device to make our lives easier, safer or more fun.

They can help us to create smart homes with better lighting and security. Alternatively, they can simply save us time on chores or cooking. Whatever you need help with in the home, there is sure to be a device out there with some benefit.…

Sales of Home Robots Is Taking Off (Finally)!

Gone are the days when robots were merely seen as a distant technological dream. Today, robot technology is developing at an increasingly rapid rate. Indeed, the world saw the emergence of service home robots, like pool cleaning robots or robotic vacuum cleaners that can carry out jobs at home previously reserved for human beings.

Indeed, the service robots industry has grown by leaps and bounds. According to one market research, the global service robotics market is expected to grow to $15.69 billion by the year 2020.

While professional robots such as those used for industrial, medical and defense purposes generate the highest revenue, it is domestic/personal service robots that are rapidly gaining market share particularly regarding volume (units) sold. This is a clear indication that more homeowners are buying robots.

What Market Research Says about Domestic Robots

Household Robots

There are two distinct categories of domestic service robots; household service robots (such as those homeowners use to clean, mow or enhance their home security) and personal service robots (such as those used for entertainment, education, handicap assistance and other personal care services).…