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Best Devices To Automate Your Daily Life

Best Artificial Intelligence Devices

Many homeowners have come around to the idea of automated devices in the home. Where artificial intelligence was once a scary, fantasy notion, modern tech has shown it to be helpful and engaging. There are many of ways that we can use AI and clever robotic device to make our lives easier, safer or more fun.

They can help us to create smart homes with better lighting and security. Alternatively, they can simply save us time on chores or cooking. Whatever you need help with in the home, there is sure to be a device out there with some benefit.

Hubs And Controllers

The first place to start when building smart homes is to install some intelligent hubs to manage the building. These hubs and controllers provide a central point for the control of many systems in the house.

The more advanced the systems are, the extra they can offer. The models at the top of the scale regarding intelligence and features are those like Amazon Echo and Google Home. They listen, respond and control aspects of the home to your liking.

The Logitech Harmony is more expensive, with lots of controls and capabilities, yet it has no voice control. For a more simple approach, there is the option of a smart thermostat, like the Wi-Fi enabled Nest Learning Thermostat.

Surveillance And Security

This idea of using automated devices to provide intelligent help across the property brings up another important factor. We can now also use these AI systems and robots for security and surveillance. One popular idea at the moment is to employ patrolling robots, like Agent 007, to keep an eye on the home.

A more straightforward approach would be to use a Nest camera system with Wi-Fi for alerts and video storage. Then there is the August Smart Lock HomeKit, which integrates with Apple devices to work with existing deadbolts.

Cleaning And Chores

Security systems can seem a little extreme for homeowners that are just getting used to these AI products and robots. However, there are many families taking advantage of cleaning tools that use automated programming and mapping.

There are many different types of robot vacuum on the marker with different features. The Neato Botvac Connected stands out because of it’s D shape design and clever navigation. Other machines, like iRobot Braava Jet 240, provide more functions to act as floor cleaners. Then there are fun novelties like Robomow. This robot mower covers a robotic route, up to 23,00 square feet, with dual cutting blades.

Other Fun And Helpful Robots For The Home That Can Change Our Relationships With Artificial Intelligence

Finally, there are plenty of quirky products out there for some fun, or niche applications. For example, there is the QarsioBase Smart Scale that measures fat, BMI water, muscle and bone composition. There is also the Phillips Hue light bulb that offers adjustments on intensity and color.

Alternatively, keen cooks may like the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker. This cooker is smart enough to tell users when it has finished. The range and choice are vast, and will only continue to grow.

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