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Open Nebraska is all about the latest technology and how it is helpful in our home. We will discuss the four categories that are Robotics, Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Government & Education.

Robotics use advanced technology to make our life easier especially within our homes and save a lot of time and energy on different tasks. There is a wide range of products that are available in their homes with different brands, models, and functions.

Robots play a significant role in defense, healthcare, and homes. Now, Robots comes in any shape and size with different functionality. Many companies are using the new technology for robotics and developing the incredible robots that are RoBoHon, Lynx, Henn a Hotel, and Leka, etc.

The idea of robots in medical professions is slowly becoming a reality. Researchers are developing robots for many applications, all with greater skill and potential for their role. The main aim of the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering is developing robots for safer interactions with patients.

Artificial intelligence is the best smart home technology for the homeowners, and it is very helpful for us. Home Intelligent devices like hub and smart thermostats that control the heating time & cost and AI assistants. These home systems are more intelligent and capable, all thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence. It is evident from Google Home’s preemptive response and the recognition software of many devices. It is a two-way system command and intervention.

Now digital technology used in local and government state making our life easier in transactions, communications and other services. US government is aware of this modern technology and digital advancements that provide the best possible facilities for the citizens.
Local citizens and resident people can take the benefits of these new advancements in digital technology.

Open-source resources are the helpful tool for many designers and developers. These resources can change the course of important projects in application development. Open Source Robotics Foundation get involved in major robotics products and use their knowledge and resource to provide the related information