IT Resumes: Are They Still The “Thing” To Have?

It can be difficult to stand out to prospective employers as an IT professional. There was once a time where coding was a skill known by a select few, but now it is a common part of the curriculum for school children. The vast numbers of applicants and the range of positions mean that everyone with an IT background needs a new way to stand out from the crowd.

There was a time when the resume was the leading approach when selling ourselves to companies. The basic idea still has its merits, as it is still the leading method for companies across many disciplines. However, many feel that these IT resumes have had their day.

The concept seems outdated in a digital age where more beneficial methods are now available. This raises two important questions that we will discuss here. First of all, what options are available to IT professional that can replace the standard resume? Secondly, should we really give up on IT resumes completely?…