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Are IT Resumes All That Useful Anymore?

It can be difficult to stand out to prospective employers as an Information Technology or IT professional. There was once a time where coding was a skill known by a select few, but now it is a common part of the curriculum for school children. The vast numbers of applicants and the range of positions mean that everyone with an IT background needs a new way to stand out from the crowd.

There was a time when the paper resume was the main way to sell ourselves to companies. The basic idea still has its merits, as it is still the leading method for companies across many types of industries. However, job hunters in IT have other options, the paper resume concept seems outdated in this digital age.  And before running to a resume writing company to help you get started, listen to what’s customers have to say about their experience when they needed to create a resume, and other online services that the company provides.

10 Applications Based on Open-Source Platforms

Application Development With Open Source Code: Yes or No?

Opinions on open-source platforms are often mixed. Some companies hate the idea. They view them as places where they will struggle to make the profit and risk the theft of intellectual property. In fact, Microsoft once saw the platform as a clear threat. Then there are those that embrace open application development.

Many companies see the potential in the community aspects regarding information sharing and product development. There are clearly different ways to use open-source systems. Some dive in headfirst and take full advantage of the public forum in testing and developing services. Others take a more wary approach.

The following ten companies all have their approaches, views, and purposes.…